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OVMS November 6 & 7, 2020 Robert's Center, Wilmington Ohio


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Just want to pass on "Job Well Done" to the entire staff of OVMS and to the membership attending this November's show.  Tables were full with a wide variety of dealers and items.  I found plenty to look at and consider as well as leaving a few things with some new owners.  Attendees and dealers appeared to have little issue with the rules and obligations regardless of their personal opinions on the effectiveness of the interventions.  The larger room was very much appreciated and the conf ctr. staff very friendly.  Thanks to the Robert's Center for that.   If you don't attend the "Cornfield" show maybe you should check it out next June.   Sure the gang is working hard at figuring out how to make SOS work with all these Public Health changes and rules etc......but they've had a couple excellent experiences to build on.   Thanks again Bill & Et al.  Cheers.

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Had a great show. Selling was great Thursday night, and Friday. A little slow Saturday, sold only small stuff. Overall a good time. Thanks to Bill and the Staff for working so hard to put on a quality show. Looking forward to the June show and seeing everyone again. Dave

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