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Saginaw M1 Carbine stock question?

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Did Rock-Ola produce all the stocks for the WWII Saginaw Carbine? Would have Rock-Ola stamped the Saginaw stock SG or RMC did any get by with just RMC? Did any get by with the RMC stamped inside the slingwell only?








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3 hours ago, spagg said:

Did Rock-Ola produce all the stocks for the WWII Saginaw Carbine?

No, The R in RSG stands for the Robert Irwin Furniture Co in Grand Rapids, MI.

Irwin made stocks for Saginaw Steering Gear, Saginaw, MI. These were stamped RSG in the slingwell and often had a number or letter in the bottom applied by SG. Reasons unknown, These were the stocks with the boxed SG and Crossed Cannons.

Irwin also made the stocks for the Saginaw at Grand Rapids production, marked the same RSG in the slingwell. But had the boxed S'G' upright with the CC.

And Irwin made the IP stocks marked IR-IP.


Rock Ola made stocks, used on Rock Ola carbines were marked RMC.

Some early QHMC stocks made by Rock Ola had just RMC in the slingwell, later they went to QRMC.


Their are examples of cross integrated / transfer stocks where RSG has a Serif I and used by Inland.

Also some RMC with a I, used by Inland....... but not many of either.




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