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DNB (Died, Non-Battle) Marine’s Poncho

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I’ve had this poncho for more than a year and a half, however i’ve only just identified the nature of this poor Marines death. PFC. Emmett Wilbur Hume, was stationed at a Naval air station (NAS) within the Marine Aircraft, Hawaii Area (MAHA). Hume is believed to have been attached to a ground crew of some sort and was sadly killed in a accident, i will continue research and attempt to identify the incident that occurred that day but until now that is all i have. The poncho is a 1943 reversible frogskin poncho, and bares Humes name in two places on the collar, one of which is pictured below. I believe after Humes unfortunate death this was either reissued or was sold off as surplus as it has post war damage and repairs. I hope to find more information on Hume and i will continue to do research and provide updates if i find anything new regarding him.


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