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Unique Confederate Veterans Reunion ribbon


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   I recently added this ribbon set from the UCV Reunion held in 1903 by Camp Sumter (UCV #250) at the Argyll hotel in Charleston, SC. It is the only one I've seen, few must have survived!

   It features a silk ribbon imprinted on the face with reunion and banquet information, attached is an original Confederate $10.00 bill, also imprinted with reunion info. The reverse of the ribbon is imprinted with an ode to the memory of the Confederacy and the symbolism of the bank note.


1 (a).jpg




1 (c).jpg

1 (b).jpg

1 (e).jpg

1 (d).jpg

1 (f).jpg

1 (e).jpg

Wartime Collectables Military Antiques
Andrew H. Lipps
email wartime@wartimecollectables.com
On the web at http://www.wartimecollectables.com




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That's really cool, love the bank note.

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