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PARA Medic Patch? ID: 10th Troop Carrier Squadron


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This one went for just shy of  hundred buck on Bay a week or so back.  Try I as I might I could not put an ID to it.

Anyone here know what it is?   seller stated 4.5 inches around  



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Looks like a Troop Carrier squadron patch, as it references all the main roles of the Troop Carrier squadrons - dropping a paratrooper from the left hand, delivering supplies from the right hand, towing a glider trooper on a rope behind and the medics armband for the casualty evacuation air landing role.


Unfortunately I don't have access to my reference material at the moment to tell you which one. I also don't have the knowledge to comment authoritatively on the authenticity of the patch in question either.



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This patch belongs to the 10th Troop Carrier Squadron (Medium) July 1948 to November 1948 then November 1949 to October 1952, from November 1948 to November 1949 they Were renamed (Heavy) . October 1952 the background color of the patch was changed to red. Then the squadron inactivated in 1961.



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Cool patch.


Was reassigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), September 1946, performing intro-theater cargo flights based at Munich-Riem Airport. Transferred to Kaufbeuren AB when Riem Airport was closed. Was re-equipped with C-54 Skymaster aircraft and deployed to RAF Fassberg during 1948 Berlin Airlift. Flew continuous missions across hostile Soviet Zone of Germany in Berlin Air Corridor, transporting supplies and equipment to airports in West Berlin, 1948–1949. Later operated from Rhein-Main AB and Wiesbaden AB in American Zone of Occupation, later West Germany until blockade ended. 



ASMIC #1098


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