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Thumbs Down ??? Or ... Thumbs Up ???

The Rooster

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Greeting all this fine evening.

Well, .... I saw a helmet and made a snap decision and I am ready to see if all you folks with

all your knowledge of M1 helmets can tell me if I did good ? Or did I make a mistake?

I felt I had to drop the dime before someone else drove it off the lot. (Sucker ???)

Im asking because I really dont know. I dont have it hand. I was just going by the images.

Thumbs Down ?Thumbs Up ?

Thank you.







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6 minutes ago, Nickman983 said:

Get your money back if you can

Thank you Nick !!! I did !!! Whew !!! You saved me. I have to cool it !!!  😀

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It did not look right to me, because while I was waiting for someone to answer, I looked

at the post a couple posts down and noticed that this helmet had no crimp weld opposite the D bail.

And the ends of the Bales look somewhat hacked and not oval. The seller wrote me after cancelling the order and stated it was authenticated...  Thank you Nick !!! Because I think its a thumbs down. I dodged a bullet. Its like gambling. I have to slow down.

Seek help. lol lol



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Hey Dave 

glad you got your money back, that paint is awful straight off the bat. 

Then there is the D bales 


- Dean 

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lol.. Bed Pan.....

Hey thanks to all. Rookie mistake.......I have never bothered to study D bail equipped helmets and I took a gamble and checked here right away,

so..... I was able to get a refund. Order cancelled. Considering I got a refund right away, this has been a great way to learn some things about

These type of helmets. I never knew the Bales were only in manganese steel. And I should have noticed the paint and the lack of crimps opposite the bales.

I appreciate the help and comments from all!

Thank you.

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So has anyone noticed most of these painted M-1s that are universally accepted as faked have what appear to be two layers of paint at the insignia? There is often a layer of what appears to be neutral intermediate paint more similar to the shell color just under the white or other color. Does the "artist" start with a thinned down white then follow up with full opacity white? You can really see it on this one where it is "chipped" away and at the back end of the bottom lightning bolt.

I've noticed this on many M-1s. Some even appear as if the shell is resprayed over insignia, weathered, then the insignia repainted where its texture shows through the new shell color. Weird.

I think studying all of these anomalies are why new collectors have no idea what they are looking for. We seldom study known originals for cues but are constantly discussing fakes of varying quality.

Is it just me?


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