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JAG officer from LTC in Vietnam to BG


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Found at nearby estate sale from a JAG officer. By the time I got off work it seems most of the headgear, all the ribbons and insignia had already been ganked. On the upside it looks like a few of these patches were in theater made. I came away with one jungle jacket, about four full sets of OG103s a Brigadier General's sateen  shirt, two generals rank service  dress uniforms w visor cap, two or three field grade officer's service dress uniforms and two mess dress general's jackets, one summer and one winter. Also a sweet duffle bag with airborne emblems painted on.


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CNY Militaria

Neat group. Interesting that someone would grab what you mentioned and leave the rest behind! 

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I think it was fortunate for me that the estate sale workers may not have dug the uniforms out of the storage shed until later in the day. My unknown predecessor / nemesis must have gone straight for the low hanging fruit and popped smoke.

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