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CRT-2 T96 Air Dropped Radio Jammer 1945


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Picked Up this unique WW2 T-96 Air Dropped ( from bombers) Radio Communications Jammer . Dated 1945, dropped from the bomb bays in groups of six each. NOS condition. 47 inches tall, 7” OD.Fascinating history, the very first US ECM device. The fins are Mounted on the bomb racks facing forward. When dropped, the forward fins depart deploying the parachute. The rear can drops off unreeling the 100 ft single wire antenna. The center section is the transmitter and can transmit for up to 32 hours. All components present in great condition.









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A note: When I saw it I thought it was an aerial Incendiary bomb, struck a deal not really knowing what it was. While NOT ordnance, which I collect, it turned out not so but as it is mounted in bomb racks, close enough. Incidentally, CRT-1 models were designed to jam enemy radar. Research is showing less than 1,000 of the T-96 models were produced. 

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Excellent addition to anybody's ECM collection.

 My first time seeing and hearing about this one.

Thanks for sharing it.


Semper Fi



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Radio Operator

Thank you for sharing this until now I've never heard or seen one of these before, that's a really cool piece of USAAF history to have. 

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As a long time AAF collector, that is one incredibly unique piece of equipment that I've never seen before now. Another example of the tremendous technological advancements  that occurred during the war. Awesome acquisition. Thanks for sharing.

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