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WWII AAF Bullion patches- Are they Repro

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In general how much do AAF Gemsco bullion patches go for?  I really would like to know more about them since it seems that most of the bullion patches I acquired are Gemsco

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All good originals, All Gemsco made, and as far pricing goes, they will all be different but not that far away in pricing with each other. , For example the 1st and 2nd a/f patches are around 30-40 each, but the 14th a/f is a little more desirable, I would say that around 75-125 area. And any a/f that seen combat would also bring a little more then a stateside patch. Just my observations over the years. And one more thing I think the felt overlays vs the emb overlays tend to fetch more $, not much but a little more

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