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Green Banana wings


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I just recently acquired these cap size Green Banana wings that will take a special place in my collection.  If you've never seen or heard of these before these are unofficial wings that were worn by pilots who flew C-46/C-47s over the Hump.  There was another post on the forum several years ago with a larger 2" size wing of similar construction.  These are very rare items so I'm thrilled to even get a cap size version.  Luckily the enamel is in very good condition as is the wing overall.  I got them directly from a veteran's family but unfortunately they don't really have the history as to how he acquired them.  Both the father and father-in-law served during the war and I did find out this morning that the father was a pilot but not in the CBI.  Must have been some wing trading going on at some point in his career.  





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First time I’ve seen this!


Very interesting artistry by the makers of these 2 wings.


The one that started this post has a faux filigree look that reminds me of my time in India...there I was....


The banana detail is outstanding!

Those guys took this banana deal seriously.

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