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Forgive me if this post isn't appropriate.....please delete if it is not.

Brian Dentino

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Brian Dentino

Posted this in the "Wanted" section of the forum as well but thought that I would throw this on here since this is where the "flock" gathers!


"Looking to replace a matching set of WWII enlisted EGA's on a WWII 3rd MAW Alpha jacket.  It had a matching set on it with roller backed EGA's that I removed and gifted to a young man that is a life long friend of our family that just graduated high school with my oldest daughter and who is now in San Diego for his MEPS.  He has always dreamed of becoming a Marine and is now in process.  He is currently waiting his 14 days there right now.  I thought that this gift to him would mean a lot to him (it did!) so I removed them from a WWII set of Alphas that I have and would now like to buy another set to replace the ones that I gave him this past August when he had his grad party.  Either way, the joy on his face when he opened my small gift was worth it, but if someone has a matching set of EGA's to go on my Cpl. Alphas I would be happy to buy them and replace the 2 I removed from my uniform and gave to this young man.

Thanks in advance and please PM me to work out a deal if you have an extra matching set laying around somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


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