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M1944 mosquito head cover

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So that's the nomenclature of this net!, they issued this with the TA-50 in Alaska. I wore mine occasionally out in the field, not much really, we had to pack in our Rucks per SOP though,  just thought it was too cumbersome, just used liberal amounts of bug juice on my face and neck instead, kinda like if I was using Aqua Velva  805718548_emoticonlaugh.png.29935945fae8387036b570faecc3492f.png.

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3 hours ago, Garandy said:

I have that too 

I tried finding an image of a Camo M1944 mosquito head cover, all I get is the more familiar Marine type, that were used more often than not as helmet cover.


Can you post a photo of the Camo M1944 you have please.

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I have one of the camo mosquito head bags too! I just got it in mess of stuff. I too posted it for id'ing.   




I "primarily" collect Gulf War 1 patches. All branches (USA, USAF,USN, USMC & USCG) and ALL Countries..
US - Op.'s Desert Shield / Storm / Provide Comfort /Some Southern Watch - F-4G's Wild Weasels
UK - Op.'s Granby / Sabre / Warden
Canadian - Op. Desert Storm / Op. Friction
French - Daguet / Aconit
Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, South Korea, etc.
Looking for the oddities, including unfinished & flaws
I HAVE EXTRA's!! Will trade as well.


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