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Hopkins and Allen bayonet

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Here's a Belgian 1889 bayonet with a US connection.  Hopkins and Allen Arms company was famous  for making inexpensive revolvers and a few long guns, from 1869 to 1916.  During the beginnings of the Great War, Belgium was mostly overrun by Germany and needed arms to fight off the Kaiser.  They took bids to make their 1889 Mauser rifle and bayonet.  Hopkins and Allen was the lowest bidder.  They quickly found out they were in over their heads.  They declared bankruptcy in 1916.  It is not known how many rifles were actually delivered.

This bayonet looks like it never left the US.  It is well known that the US copied the Swiss bayonet when we made the Krag bayonet.  I guess Hopkins and Allen used the well known style to make the Belgian bayonet.  Their quality was not too well refined as you can see in the third picture.

Any corrections or additions to the history would be appreciated.






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Marv- Great information!, Never knew about these "Hopkins & Allen" bayonets. Thanks for the info, and pictures. SKIP

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I've heard of H&A revolvers, but never knew about this. My new thing learned for today.  Sometimes going lowest bid isn't a good idea. 



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