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What are these Sergeant Chevrons? Military? Police?

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I have had these long enough that I no longer remember how or where I got them.


They are a darkish medium blue wool stripes on a dark blue background.


At first glance I thought they were police and tossed them in the cheap/give-away pile.  Looking closer they are made exactly like the wool-on-wool chevrons of the WWII/pre-war era.


I wonder if they are for a particular branch for wear on dress blues, or an earlier uniform.


Any advice is welcomed.


Thanks for looking!



Blue Sgt Obverse.JPG

Blue Sgt Reverse.JPG

Collecting 3rd Armored Division items of all kinds from all eras, specializing in the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.

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I am not sure, but they could be chevrons for the pre-war dress blue uniform, IIRC the chevrons were usually the color of the soldier's branch of service. If they are not that then they may just be some vintage police chevrons. 

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