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US Navy grouping- BM1 Paul V. Hayes

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I purchased this grouping about 12 years ago while searching for some period reference material. I was expecting a Bluejackets’ Manual, as well as training courses for Boatswains Mate 3 & 2 and Boatswains Mate 1 & C. I received, as an unexpected bonus, two cruise books from USS Randolph CVA-15 and a 1959 copy of the Keel from Naval Training Center Great Mistakes, I mean Great Lakes, Co. 320. 

The Bluejackets’ Manual is a 1940 tenth edition and the inside of the back cover is inscribed, “This book belongs to Paul V. Hayes Co. 804, 8th Batt.”  His initials are stenciled in white on the spine of the book as well. Without further investigation, I would assume he is a WWII veteran (captain obvious?). 

The first cruise book is from USS Randolph’s 1954-55 Sixth Fleet Cruise.   The second is from her 1956 Mediterranean Cruise. The Med Cruise book lists him as a BM1 with the 3rd Deck Division-B, boat division. This cruise book contains two clippings from the ship’s newspaper, one showing him in a photo and another identifying him as BM1 Paul “Gabby” Hayes. 

The two BM training manuals are not inscribed with his name, but are stamped, “ Property of Training and Education Office, Boston Naval Shipyard,  Boston 29, Massachusetts. Return this book when you have finished using it.”  The BM1 &C shows a publication date of 1958 and the BM3 & 2 shows a pub date of 1959. 

Finally, there is the 1959 copy of the Keel from Company 320. BM1 Hayes is shown as Company 320’s Company Commander. 













R. Patterson

Boatswains Mate

USCG 1998-2010

“The Boatswain’s Mate and Coxswain is A JACK OF ALL TRADES AND A MASTER OF THEM ALL.”- 1944 edition of the BM2c training course material. 
“They gave us an engine that first went up and down. With some more technology, the engine went around. We know of steam and diesel, but what’s a main yard for? A sailor ain’t a sailor, ain’t a sailor anymore!”- The Last Shanty

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