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Invasion Flag question..


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Am I correct in that the Invasion Flag armband brassard was only worn by troops that were dropped behind enemy lines (I.e. paratroopers, glidermen) and not by troops coming ashore?  

On second thought, I guess the armband might also have been worn by any troops that were covertly brought in by sea before an invasion.


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Which invasion?  The basic answer is probably “no”, as these were used by regular landing forces in many instances.  I have an attributed one in my collection worn by an MP during Operation Dragoon in Southern France. 

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They were also worn by seaborne troops of the North African invasion force in 1942. All the pictures I’ve see were 3rd ID guys, IIRC. They wore them in the full armband fashion. I have an old Nat Geo somewhere with an article covering the invasion that depicts a soldier wearing one shaking hands with a North African. 

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A generic answer would that they were used anytime it was perceived necessary to identify an individual as an American. Seen in various applications all through the European campaign, 1942-1945. The brassard has long been since attributed to airborne use, but not fairly illustrated in other facets. The perception for sometime has been that they are a special operations airborne invasion item. 

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