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A Troopers Final Jump: Gordon H. Cullings C/508 Medic

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A Troopers Final Jump: Gordon H. Cullings C/508 Medic

It is with deep sadness that I post this message of the passing of my dear friend, Gordon H Cullings.  

For those of you unaware, my friend, Bud Cullings, enlisted in the US Army in 1942 at the age of 16.  At the age of 18, while arriving in England in April 1944 as a replacement soldier, he volunteered for jump school. He completed jump school as the troopers were returning from Normandy France.  

He then volunteered to be a medic and was attached to the medical detachment.  He was assigned to 1st Battalion, C Company 508 parachute infantry Regiment. 

Bud saw his baptism of fire on 17 September 1944, Holland.  On this date, he accompanied Sergeant Taylor on a patrol to reconnoiter the Nijmegen bridge. During that engagement, he received his first Purple Heart and a Certificate of Merit (later upgraded to a bronze star).

After returning to duty he served faithfully as a medic with C company, whose first sergeant was Leonard Funk, (MOH recipient).
On 7 January 1945, Cullings was again engaged while in Belgium on the Their-du-Mont ridge.  It was during this engagement that he himself, was nominated for the medal of honor.  His nomination was downgraded to the Silver Star and he received additional combat wounds and a second Purple Heart.  

On Friday, Bud made his final jump.  It saddens me to lose my friend & adoptive father, yet I feel very honored to have known him. 


Cullings Airborne 82nd.JPG

Cullings in Nottingham 2MARKED.jpg

Cullings B 8.13.11.jpg

Cullings Camo Helmet.jpg

Cullings Scan.jpeg

Gordon Cullings 508 IKE 1.JPG





Cullings SS in Paper a.jpg

Cullings Winter 44-45.jpg

Cullings SSM.jpg

Always on the look out for quality WWII U.S. Paratrooper items: tlckkibler@msn.com

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