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Real Zenith Vietnam Lighter?

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I've been offered this Zenith lighter but I have my doughts, anyone agree? Vintage lighter with new engraving. 02443fae74bc6f9925e5e5c7152e99d8.jpg388a5b07171589001d80ddc592f1b2cf.jpg5f3bd03a6d073279249332b336e9b9fd.jpgbf730c0a81c3a0221c85b6b34f579bf3.jpge1dbc0c77de7849ef0188b0547a56264.jpga2d9d8d322879e23e9189b1584f7903c.jpg


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I'd say that it is probably legit.  The Zenith lighter is a genuine Vietnam era item.  The name and unit information scratched on the lighter could have been done yesterday or 60 years ago.  No real way to tell, but if you are really motivated to find out you can check out Mr. Porter's details and find out if there was such a soldier in the 101AB back in '68-69.  If not, you can assume that it is a fake.  If David Porter did serve with the 101AB at that time that lends some credibility to the piece. 


Put on your detective hat and find out if Porter is still alive.  If he is, perhaps you can contact him to find out if that was once his lighter.  A long shot but worth it if you are so motivated.




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Sorry Charlie,  that lighter is long gone,  post almost a year old. 


Seller had another obvious fake VN lighter & that made this one suspect. 

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