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World War I musette bag at Air Force Museum

David Conwill

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David Conwill

A couple years ago, I stopped into the United States Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. I highly recommend it, if you've never been.


One of the things on display that caught my eye was this leather-bottomed musette bag that belonged to an American flier. Having read the forum a bit, it appears it's probably a private-purchase item based on a British original, but it's the same time the Army officially adopted in 1921. I thought it would be of interest to the folks here since it doesn't appear to have been discussed before.

I wish I hadn't missed out on the run of reproductions of this bag that were made a little while back. I'd like to have one since my EDC gas-mask bag is wearing out pretty rapidly.

1918 Musette Bag.jpg

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