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Need Help to Identify this WW2 Pin

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Hi members,

I joined this site because I am doing research on the WWII items I have been finding in my Dad's estate. I am going to be selling the items he received while in service and would like to know what they are before I sell them.  I have been on ebay and other websites and have identified all the pins, but this last one stumps me ( I  have a front and back photo of it.) I don't see any stamps on it so I don't know what medal it is made of, and where on the uniform he would have worn it.  Would anyone happen to know what it is? I've included a list of where he was stationed to help figure where he would have received the pin. He finished his service as a Captain and did not see any oversees assignments.


1-Company “C” 16th Batallion- Fort Knox Kentucky

2- 702 Tank Destroyer Batallion (TD Bn) - Fort Benning Georgia (2nd Armored Div)

3-Aviation Cadet - Scott Field

4- Lt. Michael Stefanik HQ CO 82nd RCN 13th - Fort Benning Georgia 

5- Boca Raton Florida – Radar Officer

6-Olmstead Field, Middletown, PA

7-LaGuardia Air Service Command, La Guardia Field NY

8-1378th AAF B.U, North Atlantic Wing, Air Transport Command, La Guardia Field, Fort Totten NY


Thank you very much in advance.


IMG_8973 (800x541).jpg

IMG_8974 (800x576).jpg

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This does not appear to be any sort of military insignia.


It appears to be a patriotic emblem or perhaps a "sweetheart" pin.


It is possible that it pre-dates WWII.  It resembles some veterans pins, reunion pins and unofficial ribbons/medals from as far back as the Civil War.


In short, your Dad would not have worn this on his uniform at all.


I hope this helps.



Collecting 3rd Armored Division items of all kinds from all eras, specializing in the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for responding.  Yes it could be a Sweetheart Pin, but I wonder also if it could be a pin from my Dad's father who was Czechoslovakian?   He may have been in service in Czechoslovakia and perhaps passed it on to Dad.  I say that because I googled Slovak badges last night, and, although I didn't find this exact pin, the images of the birds that I did find were quite similar in terms of the feathering. the stance and the upward V shape of the wings.  Would you happen to know also, the best way to clean the pin to brighten it up?  I'll probably keep this one. Thank you again.



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Hello LizPurr & welcome to the USMF!


I think Steve has already answered your question. Beyond that I´m moving your topic to the "Unknown, Can You ID?" section where it will catch some more attention.


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