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Would-be collector of interwar gear

David Conwill

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David Conwill

Hi folks. I'm probably not going to post a ton. I'm here mainly to learn. I've been into militaria since I was a little kid, back when you could still get WWII and the occasional WWI piece from Army-Navy stores. I grew up using a lot of military surplus gear.


I got out of it for a while, during and after college, but now as an adult I'm really interested in pre-WWII gear and have been using the slowly Internet to acquire a lot of pieces I coveted back then but couldn't find (like a proper fur-felt campaign hat in my size!). My great-grandfather was in the Army from 1900 to 1930 and part of my interest stems from that and the other from my involvement in pre-WWII automobiles (I've got a 1920 Ford touring car coming together as a c. 1934 "gow job") and cultural history as a whole. It seems that whenever I research those topics, everything leads back to here.


I'm looking forward to picking everyone's brain. Thanks for letting me in.



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Hey Dave. Welcome !!!

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Welcome !!!

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Welcome David. My dad served in the National Guard in Washington State from 1930-38 and amassed over 300 shooting awards from 1928 to 1940, including the National Guard rifle championship for the entire nation in 1935. Most of his medals were stolen but I still have a few left. Mostly just documents and news clippings now.

Henry Gettman (2019_11_19 18_38_14 UTC).jpg


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