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POW Dogtag set, 26th Inf Div, 104th Inf Reg

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Hey all


Bought this dogtag and POW tags of forum member Kastauffer several years ago. Hadn't done any indepth research yet, so figured it was time to finally do so. If anyone has any other detailed or other information, please do let me know!


Born on June 2, 1923 in Lancaster, Ohio to George and Nellie Halderman. Paul was raised in Lancaster together with his siblings, Laureta and Mona his older sisters and Lloyd his older brother.

By 1942 he was a student at the Ohio State University and got a degree in Physics. After enlisting with the Army, he served as a Sergeant with the 26th Infantry Division, 104th Infantry Regiment in France.

Lloyd his older brother also enlisted in the Army and was well decorated.

After arriving in France with his unit on September 7, 1944 he seen action right up to his capture.

By November 13, 1944 the regiment was engaged in heavy fightings in the Lorraine area and it is possible that he was captured in the vicinity of Rodalbe or Obeck. Two days earlier the famed German 11. Panzer Division launched a fierce counter attack at the positions of the 1st Battalion of the 104th Infantry Regiment. Yet it was halted by accurate artillery fire and AA fire by the attached 390th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion.

After his capture he had been transported back to Germany, where he would endure the hardships of a Prisoner of War in Stalag III B in Fürstenberg, Prussia and Stalag XII A. Here he would remain for the rest of the war, until his release by May 26, 1945.

After the war he married Mary in Los Angeles in 1952 and worked for the Northrup Aircraft in Torrance and later Anaheim, California as an Optical Engineer on projects including the F-16 and the B-1 Bomber.

On September 13, 2012 in Santa Barbara, California he passed away after suffering a stroke at the age of 89.




PS. If anyone has any (ID'ed) 26th Infantry Division related items for sale, please do let me know!





Field of interest in WWII and always interested in purchasing items related to the following:

26th Infantry "Yankee" Division

Army Nurse Corps

Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA) to ETO men

Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA)

KIA Purple Hearts specific men


My personal website about the 26th Infantry Division:


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