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HELP w/ mystery VIETNAM M-1965 Steel pot with DESIGNATED SERVICE or BRANCH Overpaint scheme


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i've had this in my STEEL POT collection for few years.....languished as i've finally gotten around to try and ID the tan overpaint

(see images attached).

heat lot stamp: '1831'.....there seems to be a faint 'strike' (letter?) in front # series....but indistinct


standard VN era M-1965, black crimp-on OG107 chinstraps with JUDD NORTH (anchor logo) hook/claw buckle system

has modified T-1 concussion blowapart extend ball link


exterior: has flat TAN semi- over paint....note the front 'arc' shape....covers approx 65%70% of exterior.

what BOTHERS me!!!.....i have seen this paint configuration somewhere before in a photo illustration in a history (NOT helmet reference) book....

but for the life of me, cannot recall which publication....only that i vaguely recall seeing it or something very similar....of course, this was BEFORE I obtained this odd painted steel pot 7-9 yrs ago.


i am assuming......or guessing, it was a some sort of service/branch/function/etc designation......beach landing personnel?? beachmaster?

war games aggressor force or referee or judge???  base staff or ? what was its purpose? or significance?

this is definitely not something a civilian or re-enactor would do.....as it is obviously NOT a camouflage scheme.  and paint appears to have been applied

years ago....not something done recently.  don't think its been 'faked' or made-up.  original to this particular steel pot.


FYI: interior factory paint is the correct period 'lime'ish green', however the exterior green parts.....appears to have a sort of 'blue'ish' tinge?

the sand grit texture finish is factory and correct.  so exterior ...other than tan paint....might have undergone a re-painting?


ANY ASSISTANCE in identifying this mystery would be appreciated.

(BTW: does anyone know how i may contact J.Sweet of mar vista CA.....a US M1 helmet collector.  i know his email was something like

gungho?? @aol.com.....but cannot find in my contact listings)







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It reminds me of 2 things.

#1 The paint reminds me of a Civilian war correspondents Helmet liner I have (pictured Below).

Yours does not have the C though. And the pattern is different but both in green and white.

#2 It also reminds me of a state police type paint scheme

for a motorcycle Cop Helmet.



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what a resemblance!

so the steel pot is a poorman's CHP helmet....or a CHP movie prop at best?

the color and scheme matches up very well.....

mystery solved?

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