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CBI Patch Bullion

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I picked up a nice CBI uniform this weekend.  It has a nice bullion CBI patch on the sleeve.  Thought I would post a few pictures.  It is in nice shape with minor wear.  Is this a theater made patch?

Thank you



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Thank you for the help.  It came on a uniform with only US collar tabs, and 2 strip overseas stripes that also look to be bullion..   I have a Laundry number, but nothing comes up on search.  Here is the bullion?? overseas stripes.

thumbnail (1).jpg

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Ok, here are a few pictures of the full uniform.  Sorry it took me so long.  There is one US pin on the lapel, and the other was in the pocket.  I took a photo of the one from the pocket, it has the AMCRAFT Phinney type clutch fasteners.   Thank you for the help..







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I was looking for a set of WW2 era Officer buttons for a uniform from a good friend that passed away   A friend of mine that runs an antique store told me he had a set of buttons for me.  I did not realize they were still on a uniform..  So my initial intension was to remove them and use them on the other uniform, until a i got a good look at it.  I was surprised to see the CBI patch and US collar pins.

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