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Preserving Painted Jacket

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I have a painted field jacket in my collection which I have displayed on a mannequin bust currently. The paint on the back is pretty worn, but you can still clearly make out what the image was. I have curtains over the windows in the room so not a lot of light can get through, but I am worried that some extra light might shine through the curtains and possibly damage the paint on the back of the jacket. Any idea the best way to preserve it? I'm thinking some sort of mannequin cover? And how worried should I be about light shining through the curtains? I don't have all my collection displayed, but for the items that are stored away securely is there anything more I should do to try and protect them from light and other damage?



I am an amateur collector of US military items of the 20th century.


Looking for items related to:

-The Aleutian Island Campaign of WW2, Alaskan Theater, Alaska Defense Command, and more specifically the Battle of Attu

-Items related to the 50th Combat Engineer Regiment/Battalion

-Items related to Wheelus Air Force Base Libya, particularly from 1957-1960

-WW2 items belonging to service members from Northern Virginia

-WW2 Uniforms (all branches and services)

-Cheap/Throwaway WW2 named uniforms

-Smaller WW2 Groupings

-7th Infantry Division Items

-WW2 Photos and Letters (all branches, theaters, services, etc)


^^ PM ME!!


Instagram: @surplus_central https://instagram.com/surplus_central/

eBay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/giovachm

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I'd keep it in either a dark room but not in a closet, or in a closet but wrapped in acid free paper + in a wedding dress box. 


Curtains + glass are probably enough to block most of the sun's natural UV rays but the jacket would most certainly be safest in a dark environment that is not too warm and not too cold. This is also why you should prevent storing it in closet with the doors closed since humidity is one of the main concerns when it comes to leather preservation. 



"The battle belonged that morning to the thin wet line of khaki that dragged itself ashore on the channel coast of France." - General Omar Bradley.



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