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Interesting Portrait Photo related to Operation Husky (Allied Invasion of Sicily July 9, 1943)

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This came in the mail yesterday. Neat original portrait photo taken in Alcamo Sicily, July 1943


Pictured are Capt. Talton W. Long (left) and Lt. Wallace E. Olson (right) both of the 505 PIR.


On 21 July 1943 the American troops entered Alcamo without any opposition, freeing the town from Italian Fascism. 

T Long obv0002 x.jpg

T Long rev0002.jpg

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I believe that Capt. Long made all four (4) jumps with the 82nd (including D-Day) and was awarded the Silver Star at the Battle of the Bulge. 


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Thanks for sharing the photo. It is a real stunner. Talton Long's nickname was "Woody" and I've had a number of vets describe him as tough as nails. Besides the Silver Star, Woody was wounded twice and also earned two Bronze Star medals. He did indeed make all four of the 505th's combat jumps. 



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Brian Dentino

Great picture Eric!  Amazing that Lt. Olson looks like he is about 12 in this picture yet is serving overseas with an elite AB unit and as an officer to boot!

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I was thinking the same thing Brian. He looks like a little kid.


Thank you Allan for the additional information. I appreciate it. I am going to try to dig up some more on his this weekend. 


Glad to hear that you guys enjoyed seeing the photo. Some neat history there IMO

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