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Joint US Air Force German Air Force Instructor Patch

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Looking to get some information on this patch. Is this a joint school? Age of patch? It looks German made? Not an expert there. Any information would be appreciated.



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OK, a little more info than "Google it". Used by the 80th Flying Training Wing at Sheppard AFB, TX. Would have been used probably late 60s through the 70s until the introduction of ENJJPT, which trained a majority of the NATO allied pilots. Prior to ENJJPT it was mostly German pilots. Flight Instructors were mostly, if not all, USAF. Flew T-37s and T-38s. This patch looks Japan made to me. Hope this helps.



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It really does help. I appreciate it. Just found it really interesting. Sometimes when you "google" it, everything except what you are looking for comes up and one gets frustrated. Thanks again!

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