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Thoughts on the uniform and brassard of this 1910 Engineer and his wife

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This is a real photo postcard that I just added to my collection. My grandfather was a captain in Engineer Corps. in the First and Second World Wars so I am always looking for interesting images of Engineers. This is earlier than what I normally collect so hoping members can help with information.  The reverse of the card has a 1910 cancellation from Perry Oklahoma. I cannot find a military post there so possibly this was taken at one of their homes away from his posting. The brassard is intriguing and I would be curious for opinions about it as well as what folks can "read" about him from this photograph. 


Image (2).jpeg

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I do not see a brassard on his arm. I do see a private first class of the Corps of Engineers (CE) wearing a M1902 blue uniform and cap with CE branch colored dress cords and tassels. I cannot tell if there is a company letter above the CE castle cap and collar insignia. This would show his unit assignment within the battalion of Engineers.

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Don't see the 1902 enlisted dress blues for Engineers very much, very cool photo. 
Army 1902 pattern dress blues replaced the 1885 pattern dress blue uniform, and were worn from the early 1900s til 1916. 



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