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S&W M1899 and M1902 Navy Revolver Backstrap Numbers?

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There were 1,000 of the S&W M&P Model 1899's and another 1,000 Model 1902's purchased by the US Navy. I have one of the oder 1899's myself and I have seen a Model 1902 with numbers stamped on the Backsgrap. I have seen some people say they are rack numbers for the arsenal on the ship or station. Is that really what they are, or are they the ship number? Such as BB-1 USS Indianapolis, or PG-42 USS Villalobos, or other ship numbers? I am sure there are some Navy guys out there who know exactly what they are. Also is there any way to know what ship or station post they may have been assigned to? Thanks!

S&W 1899 Navy Strap stamp.jpg

S&W 1902 Navy 4.jpg

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  • Charlie Flick changed the title to S&W M1899 and M1902 Navy Revolver Backstrap Numbers?

My best guess would be a ships station number? Personally I have not seen a rack number engraved into a backstrap but I could be wrong? Maybe someone who knows will chime in soon. I'm also interested in finding out about those numbers.

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