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M-51 liner problem

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Dear chaps, 

maybe one can help me on this?

I am trying to fit an original liner into the pretty, pretty decent »Real McCoy’s« repro m-51 parka. 
every button fits perfectly into the designated hole, except from one on the left collar?

- is the liner to big for the size large parka?

- are the RMC buttons arranged in their own style (at least the one I’m talking about)? 

- is this intended to, uhm, hide a precious pack of cigs there? 



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Thanks, kammo-man,

that is one solution, right. (Only the liner will stick out of the collar, unless I change every button or cut new holes in the liner).

question to this still remains the same. 
Anyone experienced something like this?

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Kammo Man gave you the army answer. I've spent a lot of time in the Quartermaster and have seen this situation happen A LOT. Not just on parkas, but on field jackets also. You don't like the idea of repositioning the top button because the liner will show at the neck, so here is your alternate solution- Use the top button as the guide for the rest of the buttons. Remove the lower buttons on the field jacket and re-sew them so that they align with the liner button holes. 


Invariably, during the manufacturing process, sometime the fabric moves a little when buttons are being placed. They are usually within an inch or so of where they are supposed to be, so they are considered "good." An inspector will pull samples and check the stitching, zippers, snaps, etc. They will also check the buttons to ensure correct placement. If they are only a little bit off, the inspector will accept the garment, but they will advise the manufacturer to make any needed adjustments. If there is something REALLY wrong, they will shut down the production line and the manufacturer will re-calibrate the equipment and start the process back up.


Good luck!



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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