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ESB - PTO hand camouflaged M1 helmet Grouping - bronze star recipient


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Martin Harry Smith joined the army to serve in the engineer special brigade in January 1943. After training he would be posted in one of the most hostile combat conditions of the war, the Pacific theatre. 

Being part of the engineer special brigade he would be going ashore with the combat ready men of the Army, Navy and marines. His unit was the 562D battalion, assigned with maintenance of all boats and crafts taking the men ashore. 

Martin was also a riflemen, and earned the bronze star while fighting on Leyte and New Guinea. 


This is the start of his grouping - and what follows will be what he wore and used while serving in the Pacific. 

First I’ll start with his hand Camo’d M1 helmet and liner, named and also with the last 4 of his ASN




- Dean












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Here is his Hand Camo’d field cap - the brim has his name stamped 


Looks to be the typical marine green used in a splotch camo 





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Here are 2 photos showing you members of his being awarded for being WIA. As you can see they have the same hand camouflaged pattern on their helmets. 


After that is his unit Training in Australia with the frogskin Camos and camouflaged helmets. 



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Now for his full combat uniform - 


he was issued full jungle camo for his time in the Pacific, and each piece being named to him, from his jungle boots to his USN theatre made machete. 


His jungle suit is named on the back in large stencil 









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Each piece of his equipment seems to have been modified for use in the field, what’s interesting is his USMC grenade vest he has modified into a bandolier. Filthy and dirty but clearly named on the strap. 

Also a shot of his named machete with an aluminum grip added and shortened. 



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Along with the hundreds of V mails, Japanese bring back items - ESB history book and more !  this grouping has to be one of the most complete and interesting I’ve had the pleasure of looking at


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2 minutes ago, 1canpara said:

Incredible grouping Dean! Another one that you’ve knocked outta the park! Just amazing! 👍🏼😊

That’s very kind Rick 😊


glad you enjoyed looking at it 

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1 hour ago, M24 Chaffee said:

Wow, that’s  an amazing helmet! I’ve never seen a hand camo’d field cap.




18 hours ago, CWG said:

Spectacular, PTO sets have a special place in my heart.

Thankyou for the kind words, 

also I’ve only ever owned 3 caps and one being hand Camo’d is also a first for me 


Martin obviously had an artistic side to him 

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Just now, Costa said:

love the lid-------------- the entire grouping is way over top shelf

😊 Thanks Costa 


I knew you would appreciate the Lid 



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2 hours ago, RememberThe5thESB said:

Wow. That's a one of a kind grouping, awesome!

Sent from my SM-J327V using Tapatalk

Thanks for looking at the thread 

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48 minutes ago, jmd62 said:

Wow Dean, you sure know how to find 'em! An amazing grouping, thanks for sharing it  :)

Thanks James , it was fun taking the photos of it and getting all of his details. 

I look forward to welcoming you and your wife for tea in the future and to see the collection in hand when you make it over 


- Dean 

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