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WWII Overseas cap, color piping, Medical

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I need some help on the piping or trim used on overseas caps for “Medical” troops.


It is described as “Maroon and White”... is it checkered or striped?  I have seen examples of both... wartime vs post war? Or enlisted vs officer?


Here are two samples I found online that give a good image of the design.  I believe these two are current reproductions but give a clear

shot of what I mean.





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The differences in piping are predominantly a manufacturer's variation. Both examples that you posted would be considered wartime era and are medical piped.



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Thanks, Allan.. you’re the best!

I’m thinking of putting some items in a shadow box and thought it might look good to outline the inner frame with piping.  I’ve found a few sources that sell it by the yard (checkered design).

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