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British Parachute Wings, Theater Made?

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I’ve had these British Para Wings for several years. They are “padded” like SAS wings and do not have the contour cutouts you see on the standard issue sleeve wings. It looks like it was made to be worn over a chest pocket. Any ideas on origin?  I have also shown a typical issue WW II sleeve wing that I got from Ron Burkey for comparison of size and construction. Thanks!


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Thank you, Tonomachi! I have bookmarked your excellent reference thread. Yes, I can see the strong similarities with the repro examples that you posted and lack of similarity with all of your original variations. Fortunately, I paid very little for it, about $20-25. 

The original wing that I used for comparison is from the bound bundle you showed from Flying Tiger Antiques. 


Again, I appreciate your expertise, as always.

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