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VC-63 | Composite Squadron 63 | Disney design


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VC-63 | Composite Squadron Sixty-Three


Established: 20 May 1943

Disestablished: 23 October 1945


Deployments | Southwest Pacific

3 January 1944 - 18 May 1944 | CVE-62 | USS Natoma Bay | FM-1, FM-2, TBF-1C, TBM-1C

15 June 1945 - 7. September 1945 | CVE-71 | USS Kitkun Bay | FM-2, FM-2P, TBM-3, TBM-3E



Silkscreened on aircraft fabric | Design by Walt Disney Studios





Embroidered on wool | Design by Walt Disney Studios









Disney Dave

CV-63 Cruise Book. August 1944-October 1945.




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