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USAF Light Blue Experimental Test Sample Flight Jacket and Suit


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Rarely seen light blue USAF Experimental Test Sample Flight Suit and jacket. Both are named to Colonel Shelly (Sheldon) Godkin. Dated 1972. The jacket is a similar color to the NASA jackets by Flight Wear that were made around the same time. I have only ever run across one other light blue colored 2 piece flight suit a few years ago.


Anyone have any information on these or other light blue test samples to show?









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Looks like a party suit.


Have never seen one before.


What does that tag say in the jacket?


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Didn’t Travolta wear something like that?  Kidding. Interesting catch for sure. 

R. Patterson

Boatswains Mate

USCG 1998-2010

“The Boatswain’s Mate and Coxswain is A JACK OF ALL TRADES AND A MASTER OF THEM ALL.”- 1944 edition of the BM2c training course material. 
“They gave us an engine that first went up and down. With some more technology, the engine went around. We know of steam and diesel, but what’s a main yard for? A sailor ain’t a sailor, ain’t a sailor anymore!”- The Last Shanty

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Leisure flight clothing... gotta love the 70s! Almost looks like the AF was influenced by the party suit craze and tried to make something more official. Thankfully these never caught on.



MSgt USAF (Ret)

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