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Trying to pin down a time frame for a photo

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Hello and thanks for letting me join the forum. I bought a nice old picture frame with a landscape print in it (bought it for the frame) and when I took it apart to clean the glass I found this photo behind the print. They look really young, maybe cadets? 1860 sabers?  Indian Wars?  I'm curious as to what and when it is and would appreciate any clues. Thanks.






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Looks to me to be cadets maybe at a military school? I don't know uniforms real well from this period but think it's from right around 1900.


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Salvage Sailor

The lads in the background appear to be holding Wigwag signal flag(s)


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I agree with Paul , 1900 or so some military school. Its interesting , as two in the front row have signal corps crossed flags insignia  on their cuffs. The back row looks to be carrying furled signal flags. Nice image. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.  Mike

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