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The Outpost


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I couldnt find a topic bout this movie, so I ll start one. I almost missed this gem. Here in Germany, the eastern Part, some cinemas are open again. One of the few running movies is The Outpost. Tiny budget, filmed in Bulgaria, some ucp gear seemed to be from the Airsoft community. Despite the budget, they could hire Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood. 

The whole crew made an excellent job. The dialogue is on top, the final one hour firefight with the taliban is intense and gritty. 

An absolutely must see movie. Don't miss this one.

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6 hours ago, tdogchristy90 said:

I think my favorite was Carter. The actor did a great job with his emotions in the role.

Yes, Caleb Jones is a great actor. He delivered the best performance of the whole cast. I liked Sgt. Romesha, too. There were scenes you had problems to distinguish Scott from Clint. The same facial Features like his father. 

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What a movie! it was really good

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A really powerful movie and totally worth the watch. I think its still available on Amazon Prime Video here in the States.    Scott

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