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WWII Canteen Cover 1944


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Found this one today for $25 with a canteen. Airstress Midland 1944. Respectable condition and will go well with my 1944 Collette. Very hard to find these 1944 covers.



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I’m sure this pistol belt, metal canteen and cover are WW2, but the canteen cover has a 1926 date stamp. Could this be early stock used during WW2?



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'44-dated Canteen Covers are indeed scarce, as are '43-dated Covers made in O.D. #7 canvas. 

I stocked up on '44s years ago (below) when there were a few more to be had than there are today, but still have yet to find a dark O.D. '43. Found one in mint condition in a friend's catalogue years ago for $125.00, but it was already gone by the time I phoned him.

Canteens, '44-dated #4 USMFS.JPG

Canteens, Gates '44 #2 USMFS.JPG

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