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Question.. CIB and Jump Ovals

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I've seen numerous photos of both the CIB and jump oval wings being worn.  Some wearers place their jump wings under their CIB and otherS over it.  Also, some put their ribbons between the two.

The jump wings and oval on top seem to be more prevalent with 82nd and 101st Airborne.

Is there a regulation stating how they should be worn.

I’m guessing the same regulation applies to Combat Medic Badge?



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For WW2 Airborne veteran / pictures, It is pretty common to see jump wings above the ribbon racks and the CIB on the pocket flap. I have the impression and feeling during WW2, Jump wings were considered more important than the CIB. Airborne troopers were the "elite", where as any ground pounding infantryman (no less important) was authorized to wear the CIB if they'd been in combat. Yes, there were regs for awarding the CIB, I'm just making a general statement.  


There have always been regulations for wearing of specialty badges. Specifically, as stated in black in white in Army regulations, AR 670-1.  You'd have to research the actual regs and when they were published to get a clear picture of wear. There is a "modern" rating system for wearing authorized badges. When I was in during the 80's, they were in "classes". Class 1 were combat badges; CIB, CMB. Class 2; EIB, EMB, Class 3; Aviation wings, and finally Class 4; Jump, Air Assault, Pathfinder, Scuba, etc. And you wore them in order 1 to 4. And you you could only wear so many. Obviously, this was and has been taken advantage of as you see it all the time. I saw a SF trooper wearing both the CIB and CMB. You will rarely see someone wearing both the CIB and an EIB as "combat" mentally rates higher, but you will see it done anyway.  Some wearing up to four class 4 badges (1 above the US Army tape and 3 across the pocket), when really they were only authorized to wear two class 4. Finally the Class 5's; Marksman and Driver badges w/hanging bars.  


My information may be old, but that was the way when I was in. 




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Thanks... I appreciate it!

I had a feeling it was an “elite” thing with the paratroopers.  I went thru a bunch of photos and you could see a pattern with the wearing of jump wing WITH oval on top.  Some other jump wings were on the bottom.


High ranking officers.. colonels and generals, of course, wore them in the proper manner.. CIB on top.

I have a shadow box with both Combat Medic Badge and Glider Badge...  II’m planning on putting the CMB on top, followed by Glider wing and then ribbon bar on the bottom (or in the middle).

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Parachute infantry have always been full of themselves. Getting into fights with glider infantry. Getting red in teh face when you remind them that air assault is a type of airborne, and that parachutes are not the only type of airborne... many modern ones forget their units started as glider and not as parachute delivered units.

If you had room you'd have your CIB/CMB/EIB/EFMB/CAB over the wings, oval or not, and those over the ribbons. Once you've been in long enough though, you have too many rows of ribbons that they would push the badge too high, so the wings were moved to the pocket flap alongside the marksmanship badges. 

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