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1917 warren swivel holster defective or prototype?


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I’m asking for help with this.  There are some very unusual characteristics  with this holster. The us stamp is on the back side . It has a snap to keep the flap open. This also has a smaller than usual brass swivel . It also has no belt attachment. This is in mint condition. Any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated. 






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It appears the some works has been done on it to make it appear like a cav holster. My opinion (for what it is worth) thinks the plain flap was added after the US flap was cut down and the belt portion was added.

I don't believe it to be a mistake or rare

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For what it's worth, I agree with your assessment.  Looks like the original flap was used to attach the swivel part and a new flap put on.  It appears to have been to allow it to go on a narrow belt and to hang down farther than a regular holster.  As to when and where it was done, that's a good question that I don't think will ever be answered.


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because of the difference in color I think a second one was added for a cavalry-style holster and the original sewed again. Looks great. Time is unknown, but I have seen cavalry style holsters in different museums in Normandy.

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