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Rank Painted M1 Helmets and Liners in The Field

Burning Hazard

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Burning Hazard

Don't think I've seen a thread like this before: post rank painted M1 helmets and liners being worn in field. All photos found from footage.


Let's start with some PFC's

pfc Painted Helmet 2 Germany 1945.jpg

PFC Painted Helmet.jpg

Rank Painted Helmets 3 Aug 1945.jpg

PFC Painted Helmet Italy.jpg

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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

Some great photos already but if I can suggest something: I find the value of photos diminished without their caption. Without a unit, place, and/or year all they really say is sometime during WWII someone did something like this. 

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This was a fairly common practice within the 42nd Infantry Division. The photographs below are taken from the 232nd Infantry Regiment yearbook. Most pictures date from the summer of 1944 while the regiment was stationed in Oklahoma. The 42nd Infantry Division arrived in France in December 1944 and fought in Eastern France and Germany.







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4 hours ago, gap said:

Do we know the unit? 

Not sure, caption seems murky: They are in Southern England on 10Oct44. They are newly arrived, boarding a train that will take them to a port for movement to France. "14th Port, Transportation Corps, Southampton, England" is in the caption but I don't know if this refers to the guys in the photo or the unit assigned to the transit area.



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