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USMC M1936 suspenders?

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Just got these today. The maker marking is almost impossible to make out. I'm curious is they are USMC issue due to the square metal strap tips and cast bronze buckles? Also the metal tab where the front D rings are attached are blued.





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I have those same ones and I believe they’re army issued. There was a previous topic on these with flage guy posting his comparing both these and usmc made ones. Unfortunately I can’t find th topic to link. I believe the usmc contracted ones were made by S.F.Co with rounded strap tips. I no it’s not concrete but I hope this helps.


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That old post was back in '07, and I started it with the same question that I asked today.  Getting forgetful I'm afraid.

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Maker Name looks like VB Co have some suspenders with that mark. Will dig out to check the strap ends.

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