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1860s Confederate Regulations

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   Found these at an estate sale this morning here in Texas.  Old library books from a University in Texas at some point.  Two appear to be named with the third name faded or covered by the old library card.  Last book was checked out in the early 1970s.  One is named to William C. Crow (COL 26th Infantry LA CSA) and another Ashbel Smith. (possibly Dr. Ashbel Smith from wikipedia) I'm assuming these are pretty rare even in somewhat poor condition.  I could only find reproductions on the internet so interested in opinions on value and if restoration should be done to preserve them.  I'm not a Civil War collector so any information or thoughts would be welcome.




ashbel smith.jpg

books 5.jpg

book 2.jpg




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Thanks for the comments.  Here is some info on the signed editions.


Came to Harris County Texas in 1837 from Connecticut and soon there after appointed Surgeon General in the Army
of the Republic. Minister to France 1842–5 Joined Gen. Taylor's Army in 1846 in its march upon Mexico. Was Colonel of the 2nd Texas
Infantry in Confederate Army. Served in the Texas Legislature in 1866. In 1878 was Commissioner from Texas to the Paris
Exposition. Member University Board of Regents 1881 to his Death.  Born at Hartford Conn August 13, 1805. Died Jan. 21, 1886.


William C Crow, Esq, was born on 10 April 1827 in Lafayette, Louisiana, to Basil Catryl Crow Sr and Maximilian Brashear.  William married first Clara Lindsey, 13 December 1855; they had one son, Basil Catryl Crow Jr. William volunteered for the 26th Louisiana Infantry with his younger brother, Edward Brownson Crow, beginning in 1862, assigned as a captain. He moved up through the ranks with promotions to major, lieutenant colonel, and finally colonel. He was taken as a prisoner of war after the surrender at Vicksburg from July 1863 until his parole in June 1865. A brass plaque at Vicksburg Military Park commemorates his service to the state. After the war, William was a lawyer by profession, and briefly served Lafayette parish as district attorney. William was widowed when Clara died in 1873. He married second Mattie Brannin, June of 1874, and fathered two more sons with her. Col William C Crow died, 1879, aged 51, in Lafayette, and was buried at Lafayette Protestant Cemetery.

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