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Hello to all!  New to the forums but not to collecting.  I have collected military uniforms and gear for the past 25 years.  My collecting started with WWII items, but I have collected other eras as I've gotten the desire to do so.  I even had a stint with British military uniforms.  I have since sold off a majority of my collection to return to my original category of WWII US Army Air Forces items with emphasis on the Pacific Theater.  I am a veteran of the US Coast Guard, where I served 12 years as a Boatswain's Mate.  I served a year in Operation Iraqi Freedom with Port Security Unit 307 in 2004 and I had the distinct honor of serving aboard the USCG Barque Eagle.  I'm finding this forum to be a wealth of information and a valuable resource to add to my toolbox.  I only wish I had joined sooner.  

R. Patterson

Boatswains Mate

USCG 1998-2010

Interested in-

WWII USAAF items with emphasis on PTO, flight and survival gear, and headgear AND US COAST GUARD items from all eras AND US ARMY 4th Battallion, 77th Aerial Rocket Artillery ARA, 101st Airborne, Vietnam AND WWII US NAVY items. 
(I like other stuff too, especially hats.)

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