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WW1 MK III Aerial bomb, unexpected find.


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They used to be very hard to find, but lately I know of three or four that were on the market. Most came from life long collections being liquidated. I saw one here a few weeks ago that a member acquired.

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14 minutes ago, sundance said:

Love that ordinance. The WW1 bomb is particularly neat. ....and I'm always amazed when I see that 16 inch projectile.  

The 16”/50 is really impressive, currently in my garage, but it gives me a back ache every time I just think about moving it...it weighs in at 2,000 lbs and it sits with a high CG Making winching onto the trailer always a nervous Nellie exercise....

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I bought the Mk II 20lb aerial bomb at a flea market around 1970-71. Empty and I could never figure out how it was fuzed. The thin steel tail assembly is held on by a small nut and bolt on each fin. the lettering on the black band reads - M-R CORP Mark II Lot _____ No. _____ ____

 I have found no other markings.


U.S. Mk II 20 lb bomb, empty .1.JPG

U.S. Mk II 20 lb bomb, empty, dismantled.JPG



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Concerning your 50 lb MkIII, what would that have been charged with? They didn't have a lot of specialty explosives back then did they? And I thought my Oerlikon round was taking up a lot of space!

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I have this one , 2,000 lbs,16”/50, I moved it into a local museum as I ran out of room….thinking of moving it back into my house….the living room, as the wife ( ex) has departed. A man has to do what he has to….I also have a nice 9 foot 1971 500 lb practice bomb, that needs to come home.




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