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AAF CBI Uniform... question on missing device?

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I posted this uniform back when I first got it a few years ago.  It is my first uniform and one of my favorites. It is named and I was able to do quite a bit of research on the pilot.


I had it out today just to check on it and take some new photos.


While looking inside under the wing area, I noticed two impressions of a clutch back device. What do you think could have been here?  The holes are vertical and would have interfered with his wings or at least been off-centered.


The date on the inside label is 2/44 which is the same time he was assigned to Blackland AAF for Advanced AT-17 training

(2/10/44 - 4/15/44).


Thanks for looking and your thoughts.










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I suspect there are a few missing ribbons. They aren't vertically aligned, but are the ends of 2 other rows of insignia.

Assuming the 2 clutches in view are from the ribbon bar, those look like a shorter 2-ribbon bar above that one with clutch back wings above the 2 rows of 5 ribbons. 


      {      WINGS      }

     [2 RIBBON ROW]





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His “Decoration and Awards” show Air Medal, Asia Pacific, American Campaign...and Victory.  The only missing ribbon is the Victory.


The top impression is a clutch back mark and his wings are pin back.

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In looking at it again... I think the clutch back impressions might be from wings... I have an early photo of him in uniform (about 1942) that shows just wings, no ribbons.  He would have moved the wings up when he added the ribbons. I can barely make out the other impression holes from the front. They measure about 2” apart (clutch back?).  


The uniform came with pin back but appears at some time he originally wore clutch back.

I’ve also included another photo (he’s on the far left wearing Ike jacket)).  This was taken in the CBI theater... notice he has wings only, as does the pilot on the right).  I’m wondering if this was their first crew team photo.  I think the other pilot arrived during the same time period



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