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WW2 Sniper Veil netted helmet - named


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I’ve read about these Sniper veil nets and always wanted one but they are extremely elusive and difficult to find due to there construction im told. 

This came up so I hit the button on it, 

firstly how rare are these netted originals and can anyone help with the name. I’ve found a Jesse P Bolen who enlisted in 42 and was a PVT. 


underneath his name is written something which I can’t quite make out. 
CEM ? 

All help and comments would be most appreciated 


- Dean 





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12 hours ago, shadawg said:

That really is a pretty cool looking net. I think I've only ever seen the one that Steve sold some time ago on his site 


12 hours ago, sgtdorango said:

Nice grab Dean, great price too, cant wait to hear more on the vet after your research👍🏻....mike


11 hours ago, jmd62 said:

Another nice one for you Dean, congrats!!

Thanks Gents - 

anyone got any ideas on what’s written below the name in the liner 

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31 minutes ago, GITom1944 said:

Nets of that kind were used in the SWPA by the 32nd ID and the 503rd PIR. That don't show up very often. Nice one!



thanks Tom 

ive got photos of these being worn in the pacific ! Which is very cool

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