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Hello from The Netherlands

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Hello, this is Rez from The Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise.

This newbee is not a militaria collector and does not have any military background whatsoever...well, my father was a lieutenant dentist in the Indonesian navy back in the early 1960's, but that does not count as my background, does it?

Anyway, I am very much interested in military history, let's say from WW1 onwards, and just recently I have purchased my first 2 objects related to WW2 which are 2 pairs of para jump wings, supposedly worn during WW2. Want to make things a bit more tangible in remembering  and commemorating the heroism of those allied forces who fought during WW2, and hopefully my kids will learn that from me. Lest we forget.

I do have a lot of questions, so I will try enter my posts bit by bit from now and who knows, I may react to posts that others have left if I can help out.

Best regards

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