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Restoration of an ACH


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Hard to believe, but the ACH is approaching 20 years of service soon. I found a shell that needed some help and gathered enough parts to restore it. 

The shell is a MSA with original black straps and buckles. I found used black and green MSA pads and NOS green eye-wear retention straps. 

On top is a black label and strap MSA reversible cover. The goggles are desert tan, but whoever Garrett was, he had a sense of humor.

I'm still looking early green/black goggles. Opinions and feedback? Thanks!

ACH pad.jpg

ACH straps.jpg

ACH label.jpg

ACH front 2.jpg

ACH left.jpg

ACH right.jpg

ACH rear.jpg

ACH inside.jpg

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9 hours ago, phantomfixer said:

Nice family of woodland helmets...the Dover AN store had boxes of goggles...will see what they have...in black or green strap...


Thanks! Looking at the dates, that's 20 years of evolution from 1983-2003. That's my Kevlar in the middle that I wore from 1991-1994.

I was told the early goggles are green frame and black strap.

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