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WWII AAF goldfish club uniform

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I was lucky to find this jacket and photo named to a gentleman who was a member of the goldfish club. I'm actually picking this up this coming weekend. I was also told by the seller that along with the jacket and photo there are a number "pins" that came with the jacket and he will be including them with it. I can see the ghost image of pilot wings I believe. The AAF patch is nice bullion, with very interesting details on the wings.  I cannot tell if it's silver bullion or a blueish bullion on the wings.  I assume the patch is English made.  Once I pick it up I will post more photos and a name.  I'm hoping that I can easily research the veteran. I've never owned anything from a AAF veteran who belonged to any of these clubs.  I tried to do research on the value of the patch but all I could find is that they are rare and collectible. I would really appreciate if someone can share any information or websites regarding the goldfish club. I'm not looking to resell this group, I just want to get information for insurance purposes and for when I take it to schools or other facilities when I put on my presentations.  Thanks and enjoy!  I'll have more photos and information this weekend. 





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hard to know his crew position (pilot/ co-pilot, navigator, bombardier) until we start researching the name.  Great set though - there's a great pinned thread about goldfish, caterpillar, etc in the medals section that should give you some starter info.  





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Thanks Kyle! I saw that posting and it's very insightful. I cannot wait to find out more information about this man. I'm hoping that his ribbons are included in the group. It would be fantastic to see what position he was and the missions he flew on. I'm very excited now!

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I picked up all the items today and I know the name of the veteran. His name was Lieutenant John A. Martyniak. He was a B17 pilot in the 8th Air Corps. He was on a bombing mission during D-Day. It was either June 6th or 8th, 1944 that his bomber, called The Captain, was hit by flak and and engines began to shut down.  He was able to land the bomber in the English Channel a mile or two off the coast of France. His entire crew escape safely with minor wounds and sat in the dingy waiting a British ASR ship to arrive. A couple spitfires and bomber circled them for protection.  You can research Mr. Martyniak and his crew online.  Mr. Martyniak was from Massachusetts.  Along with the jacket I got two pairs of pilot wings, a photo of him before he became an officer, and two English made ribbon bars (he earned the DFC, AM with 4 oakleaves, PH, American Defense, American Campaign with star "British made large star", ETO with 2 stars "British made large stars", and WWII victory.  


I will post photos of all these items shortly.  I doubt I will ever find such a nice named and documented grouping like this again. 

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Great looking uniform! I like how the goldfish was sewn on.



!!!! WANTED !!!!

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Great Patch ! and uniform ---- Nice to have a photo too !

In Memory of Air Corps Technical Sergeant Carl F. Durfee. He died of wounds on 30 December 1944 while serving in the South Pacific. You are not forgotten.

ASMIC member

American Legion member

US Air Force & Air National Guard TAC - MAC

JOHN N. DANIELS ---152nd COMPANY C New York State Infantry--- captured 1864 survivor of Andersonville ---- Great-Great-Great Uncle

Captain Robert L. Hosler, 522nd Fighter/Bomber Sq. 12th Army Air Corp. World War Two P47 Pilot - 1 DFC- 5 Air Medal & 0ne Purple Heart---Uncle

1st Sgt Ann Barry, US Army Air Corp WAC World War Two --ETO --- Aunt

Sgt Willam M. Barry, USMC----Pacific World War Two--Father



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